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Backhaul Trucks

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 Backhaul Trucks - a cost effective resource for your freight..

Backhaul Trucks locates and contracts home-bound carriers that will transport
 your freight for a very competitive rate.

Transportation professionals know that a home-bound truck, or backhauler, is often willing to accept wholesale market rates in order to return to their dispatch yard and the more profitable outhaul rate. Backhaul rates can be as much as 40% to 50% less than the outhaul rate - and our staff employs proprietary algorithms to determine the current backhaul rate for a particular route or lane. 

Spot-market rates for numerous routes are determined daily, so you will be quoted a low estimated rate that will be within a few percentage points of the actual carrier bid. 

Expect your particular freight requirements to be satisfied with personal service from the over 4,000 trucks that are available. Due diligence is practiced with all our carriers to certify that they meet the 
full requirements of DOT -  to transport your cargo safely, securely and 
with peace of mind.


As Independent Agents of Truckalocity, our staff will provide over-the-top customer service, transportation expertise, and unmatched adaptability to your particular needs. Our agents understand that transportation costs can mean the difference between a profit or loss. Thus we provide spot-market rates and world class customer service. 

Whether you need a full truckload, less than truckload, flatbed, temperature controlled, expedited or special handling, Backhaul Trucks
can provide the expertise to 
accommodate all your transportation requirements. 

Truckalocity Brokerage has been in business for over 30 years and the number of trips completed runs well into six figures - without a single
Surety Bond claim.

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Backhaul Trucks
       Green Valley, Arizona 85614


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